Various Types of People You Encounter in a Casino

Various Types of People You Encounter in a Casino

No matter where you go, you always meet different people with varying dispositions, behavior, and mannerisms. If you are a frequent gambler, you know that casinos are no other. You meet a diverse set of people, whether they are your opponents on a table game session or someone you sit right next to at the slot machine.

The players you meet in casinos may either be people you formed a camaraderie with or those who never run out of ways to ruin your game of what is supposed to be a relaxing gambling session. To get to know them, here are the typical casino players you meet in a casino.

Overly-Excited New Casino Player, a.k.a. The Newbie

It’s always fun to watch and approach new casino players who just made their first trip inside a casino venue. The got entranced by the idea of casinos as a bright, crowded, and a money-making platform.

However, it all comes down when the new casino player starts making a series of gambling mistakes. This type of casino player is often the one who doesn't take things seriously and very eager to try their luck on every casino game they could play. As much as possible, they want to avoid obvious mistakes that would lead them to embarrassment.

The Helper/The Cheerleader/The Knowledgeable

If you go to a casino with a partner in hand or a friend in tow, the scenario would always be that either of you is the knowledgeable one, and the other is a newbie or the one who lights up your gaming spirits.

There is always someone watching on the sidelines, cheering you up, or giving unauthorized advice for every round or coin you win. It may be heartwarming at first, but it also gets annoying eventually.

Sir Drinks-a-Lot, a.k.a. The Alcoholic Casino Player

The table game players usually drink a lot compared to other gamblers. Maybe it has something to do to beat boredom as you wait for your opponents’ next move. Instead of waiting, you can do other activities like availing free drinks care of the casino host.

In the worst scenarios, the more drinks these people order, the louder and annoying they become. Spotting a Sir Drinks-a-Lot casino player is easy. They are typically the noisiest and the most carefree casino players at a table game.

The Constant Complainer, a.k.a. The Grumpy Casino Player

Everybody knows this type of casino player. These people cannot accept the fact that losing is generally a part of casino gambling. If casinos let their players frequently win, their operations won't survive for long.

There are various signs to spot a casino player who is always a constant complainer. These include throwing rude comments here and there, complain about bad luck, continually throwing of chips instead of organizing them on the table, speaking harsh statements against the dealer, and more.

A casino is any other social platform. In every gambling session, you will have to meet other people with a unique set of personalities. In the end, whatever trait you possess, don't forget to keep in mind the right casino etiquettes when gambling.

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